The Hundred Days Offensive

Hundred days offensive Tour

The end was finally in sight, for those who had soldiered their way through The Great War. The Allies, led by the British Expeditionary Force, made the final push, in a series of battles along the Western Front. Each one a victory, leaving the Germans punch drunk, while also facing a revolution back in the Fatherland.

Over this period, the BEF captured 188,700 prisoners and 2,840 guns – just 7,800 prisoners and 935 guns less than those taken by the French, Belgian and American armies combined.
It was a very British victory, but this tour will also help you understand why: by late 1918 the British Army was the most proficient combined-arms battlefield force in the world, bigger and better than it has ever been, before or since.

The date is 8th to 11th September 2022

The cost – including breakfast, lunch, dinner, hotel accommodation, coach, museums and guide, but not drinks. – is £1,350 per person. Please note that this is the cost of a single occupancy in a single room as we wish to be open with the all-inclusive costs. A discount of 10% is available for bookings with two people sharing a room.

You are accompanied by a tour leader to ensure that your tour runs smoothly.

This is a coach tour and your guide is eminent military historian, Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley.


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Your Guide

Lt-General Jonathon Riley.

A former Commanding Officer of 1st Royal Welch Fusiliers, General Officer Commanding British Forces in both Sierra Leone and Iraq and Deputy Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Riley, is a military historian with 27 published books and visiting professor at King’s College London’s Department of War Studies.


Day 1

Meet at the London & Middlesex Club at Bisley Ranges
Talk 1 – the Kaiser’s Battle, an introduction.
Go onto the ranges to shoot Lee Enfield rifles as used in WW1
Coach to France via Channel tunnel. On the coach: Talk 2 – the development of German attack doctrine
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Dinner at the hotel

Day 2

Visit the sites of Operation Michael
Stand 1 – opening the attack: Manchester Hill; the actions of 16th Manchesters on 21 March and the myth of fighting to the last man.
Stand 2 – the counter-attack at Pargny: actions of the 1st Worcesters on 23 March.
Picnic lunch
Stand 3 – the 36th (Ulster) Division at Erches, 25/26 March
Stand 4 – the German war cemetery at Andrechy
Stand 5 – the assault falters. The first tank-on tank battle at Villers-Bretonneaux, 24 April.
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Dinner at a local restaurant

Day 3

Visit the site of the Battle of Amiens.
Stand 1 – the Australian Corps on 8 August, at the Australian memorial
Stand 2 – III British Corps at Chipilly
Picnic lunch
Stand 3 – The Canadian Corps on 8 August, at Hangard Wood
Stand 4 – The Cavalry Corps and exploitation, near Le Quesnel
Stand 5 – Summary at the Canadian memorial
Return to hotel
Dinner at a local restaurant

Day 4

Visit the sites of the Breaking the Hindenburg Line
Stand 1 – the Australian assault on Mont St Quentin, 31 August – 1 September
Stand 2 – the Australian memorial
Stand 3 – Start Line of the 46th (North Midland) Division attack on 29 September
Stand 4/5 – the German forward positions, the Riqueval Bridge and the canal crossing
Stand 6 – The Hindenburg main trench line, 46th Division memorial.
Late Lunch
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