23rd March 2023 – Amazing Medical Women – 1914 -1918 World War One – PART ONE

This is an account of two extraordinarily brave young British women who went to Belgium at the beginning if the war and ran a First Aid Post for three and a half years right on the front line of the Belgium sector about 12 miles north of Ypres.  They were infamous at the time and attracted massive publicity back in England (needed for the funding of their Aid Post).  They became known as the Madonnas of Pervyse.  A book was published about them in 1916 using extracts from their detailed diaries and this information was supplemented by an autobiography written by one of the in the 1960s and a book about them published about 6 years ago.  Again there is audio recording of the original material from these books and diaries to accompany the slides.  There are 63 slides and the talk takes about 55 minutes.


Mar 23 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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