12th January – Operation Südwind by Pavol Šteiner


This is a Zoom talk and will take place at 6pm on Thursday 12th January.

Pavol Šteiner is a military historian and archaeologist from Slovakia.

Operation Südwind took place between 17 and 24 February 1945 in the territory of southwestern Slovakia, then occupied by Hungary. It has also been the last successful German tank offensive during the second world war. German supreme headquarters deployed there two tank corps: newly composed corps Feldherrnhalle and the 1st SS tank corps including divisions Leibstandarte and Hitlerjugend. Defending Soviet troops could only muster two rifle corpses, two tank brigades (27th and 36th guards) and one mechanized brigade (14th). Therefore the result of the operation was more or less clear cut before German assault had begun. Almost 300 armoured vehicles of the Wehrmacht against about 50 of the Red Army! However, Soviets managed to show a stubborn resistance for one week of this epic, but less known battle.