19th January – Battle of Alton by Warwick Louth


This is a Zoom talk and will take place at 6pm on Thursday 19th January.

Warwick is a Freelance 17th century Military Historian, and is a Trustee for the Scottish Battlefields Trust, he has worked extensively in providing recognition and protection for the fields of Conflict of the Second Civil War. Having previously lived, studied and walked the battlefield area daily, Warwick will breakdown the events of 13th December 1643 and properly highlight their importance, not only to the Southern Campaign, but also equally to the wider impact on the Civil War.

Battle of Alton

In the winter of 1643, the Southern Royalist Army of Sir Ralph Hopton and the Southern Association Parliamentarian Army of Sir William Waller found themselves at an impasse. Repeatedly beaten back, firstly at Roundway Down and then Basing House, both sides placed themselves into winter quarters, waiting to duke it out in the next campaign season.

Yet Hopton, with superior numbers , split his forces between Winchester and Petersfield, hoping to isolate Arundel Castle and East Sussex, a hub for iron production and recruits. At the centre of this stopline stood Alton. Lightly defended and supplied, it would act as a lynchpin for the Royalist supply lines. With such an opportunity not to be missed, Waller set out on a desperate lightning raid to take the town.