207 Squadron Memorial Service and Tour




207 Squadron Memorial Service and Tour

23rd to 26th November 2022

On the 25th November 1942 at 15.00, five Avro Lancaster Bombers lifted off from RAF Langar in Nottinghamshire to bomb Nazi Germany. Three returned to base unharmed, one crash landed at RAF Langar with the loss of all crew, and one was missing in action.

By cross referencing Bomber Command records and Luftwaffe records, we can now establish that the missing aircraft was shot down by an enemy fighter over the Dutch coast with the loss of all lives. The crew of this missing Lancaster consisted of three British and four American and Canadian airman.

On the 25th November 2022, we are holding a memorial service to these brave men at RAF Langar and all relatives of the crew are very welcome to attend.   

If you are residing in the UK please let me know if you wish to attend the memorial service. Also, if you wish to say at the Petwood Hotel and visit the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and The International Bomber Command Centre Memorial

The cost – includes breakfast, hotel accommodation, coach, museums and memorial service, but not the flight, food and drinks – is US$1,100 per person.

Do let me know if you wish accommodation on Saturday 26th November before flying home.

Contact details are: james@classicbattlefieldtours.com or 07814 586441




Wednesday 23rd November

Fly to London Heathrow and book into the Leonardo Hotel, then visit The Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede.

Day 2

Thursday 24th November

Visit the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and stay at the famous Petwood Hotel which was the home of the legendary 617 “Dambusters” Squadron in WW2.

Day 3

Friday 25th November

Visit The International Bomber Command Centre Memorial in the morning. Then lunch at RAF Langar in the original control tower, with minibus tours to the runway.

Ceremony at RAF Langar

2.45 people congregate in the control tower for the memorial service.

3.00 Memorial service performed by Jonathan Stewart (Chaplin of 207 Squadron). After the service, all walk down to the memorial with standards, wreath laying and last post/reveille (bugler) provided by the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

4.00  Back to control tower for tea and cakes.

4.30/5.00  Drinks at the Plough Inn, which was the favourite pub for the aircrews serving at RAF Langar.

Day 4

Saturday 26th November

Return to London Heathrow for flight home.