2nd February – Bletchley Park by Tim Cockitt


This is a Zoom talk and will take place at 6pm on Thursday 2nd February.

Tim Cockitt (MA) is a graduate of Oxford University. He is particularly interested in military history, and has visited numerous battlefields around the UK, Europe, and the USA. Tim is a keen member of the Battlefields Trust, which works to preserve battle sites around the UK. Tim has particularly strong interests in the English Civil War and WW1, and is the chair of the Manchester Military Society (MMHS).

This talk will cover in detail:

  1. The military importance of encoding messages, do not share information with the enemy!
  2. The German Enigma machine, how it works.
  3. Allied codebreaking in WW2, featuring some Polish gentlemen, Alan Turing and MANY others at Bletchley Park.
  4. Working with the Americans to break the Japanese codes.
  5. Information security, and cyber warfare, today.