Battle of Bannockburn by Warwick Loath




This is a Zoom talk and will take place at 6pm on Friday 25th February 2022.

Amongst British battles, Bannockburn remains a household name. However as a result, the battle often remains a victim of its own mythology.

The result of 14 years of sporadic, bloody conflict, endless politicking and endless switching sides, Bannockburn was the culmination of Robert Bruce’s military education. However, was the battle  the battle so one-sided? Was it really as decisive as so often depicted? Was the English Army so mismanaged or Edward II so inept? Sifting the story away from the legend, it is clear that the history is far more interesting.

Drawing on his expertise as battlefield guide for National Trust for Scotland Battle of Bannockburn Centre, Trustee of the Scottish Battlefields Trust and local to Bannockburn, Warwick hopes to break down the events of the Battle of Bannockburn, both archaeologically and historically, placing the battle within its wider context. Most recently, Warwick appeared on Al Murray’s ‘Why Do the Brits Win Every War’ for Sky History, explaining the events of the Battle and reality of life within a 14th Century Army.