Norman Conquest Tour


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Although William won the Battle of Hastings in 1066, he still faced rebellions over the following years and was not secure on his throne until after 1072. This tour follows the Norman landing at Pevensey, the Battle of Hastings, the Norman attempt to take London at the Battle Of Southwark and onto Westminster Abbey.

The date is a bespoke tour.

The cost – includes breakfast, hotel accommodation, coach, museums and guide, but not food and drinks. – is £1,450 per person. Please note that this is the cost of a single occupancy in a single room as we wish to be open with the all-inclusive costs. A discount of 10% is available for bookings with two people sharing a room.

You are accompanied by a tour leader to ensure that your tour runs smoothly.

This is a coach tour and your guide is Warwick Louth.

Your Guide

Warwick Louth.

Warwick is a qualified Conflict and Battlefield Archaeologist, military historian, lecturer, battlefield guide and author with a major research interest in Battlefield Preservation.


Day 1

Start at Wallingford Castle. Talk about role after Hastings as site of subjugation of Saxon Witan under Bishop Stigand to Duke William.
Head to Reading Museum, to look at the reproduction copy of the Bayeux Tapestry.
Head to Bosham Church, see reputed site of Harold Godwinson
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Dinner at a local restaurant

Day 2

Head for Pevensey Castle. Talk about logistics and supply, weather in early 1066.
Head to Hastings Castle. Talk about the formation and development of motte and bailey castles.
Head to Battle. Opportunity to explore Abbey and Battlefield Centre.
End the day at Crowhurst. Site of Harold’s local manor, laid to waist just before Hastings
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Dinner at a local restaurant

  Day 3

Head to Southwark-Talk about Norman Repulse, led by returned Earls Edwin and Morcar.
Head to Westminster Abbey-Visit the shrine of Edward the Confessor.
End at the Tower of London. Talk about castle architecture and development, nature of Castle under William. Organise weapons handling sessions with Royal Armouries.
Book into hotel
Dinner at a local restaurant

  Day 4

Head to Berkhamsted Castle and talk about final capitulation of Witan to William and William’s kingship and Domesday Book.
End the day at Waltham Abbey. Talk about possibility this is another resting place for King Harold, away from public view to prevent use of grave as a centre for later Saxon unrest.