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There is nothing more that brings history to life – and helps embed that history on the young brain – than visiting the places where it happened. This is particularly so in the case of the military events which have shaped so much of our history. Experiencing the trenches of World War I, or the walking amongst the WW II bunkers at Normandy; understanding how Wellington used the land at Waterloo to secure victory, or any number of sites in the UK from the Civil War to the Battle of Britain.

Classic Battlefield Tours has taken many school groups on this journey of discovery, and has an enviable reputation for being able to deliver the entire experience with very little need for teaching staff to get bogged down in administration and logistics.

We can:

  • Produce material to send to parents

  • Arrange all travel and accommodation

  • Provide bespoke guides to meet curriculum requirements

  • Research the school’s involvement in the sites being visited

We deliver:

  • Through a single point of contact

  • A tailored package

  • With full insurance, and enhanced DBS and non-assured STF/LOTC Badge

  • Including guides, travel and accommodation as a premium service

We want to make your life as easy as possible, while delivering for your pupils a truly memorable and inspiring experience that will enhance their love of and enthusiasm for the history they are being taught.

Simply complete the form and we will be in contact to formulate a Bespoke School Tour with you and agree a price.

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