Self Drive Tours - Classic Battlefield Tours

Self Drive Tours

These tours are designed with you as the driver in mind. The drives between sites are kept to a minimum, along the beautiful scenic routes. The hotels are selected so they have secure parking as well as being high-quality or historic to fit in to the local countryside.

We dine in fine restaurants in the evening and light lunches during the day.

The tours are a mixture of history and culture of a particular region or event.

The itinerary gives you a detailed breakdown of your journey with all the necessary addresses of the sites you will be visiting together with a brief history. We use local guides who are specially chosen for their knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject. Museums are selected to give you the best possible understanding of the historic event or cultural experience.

The group will have its own tour leader to ensure the smooth running of the tour. So, all you have to do is turn up with your passport.

These are our standard tours designed for groups of up to 15 persons, unless otherwise stated. We offer bespoke tours for groups, families or individuals which can be tailor-made to meet a particular period, event or location of history.


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