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1915: Unfavourable Ground’ with Dan Hill

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The talks last from 45mins to 60 mins followed by questions and all are on a Thursday evening starting at 18:00 – 19:30.

1st February 2024

The year 1915 in the history of the Great War stands out, because, unlike every other year, it doesn’t really stand out. It was the first full year of fighting on the Western front and was very much one of learning lessons. Those lessons were far too often extortionately expensive and of course the price paid was in lives. In this talk historian Dan Hill will explore three major battles which took place in 1915 on the pan flat ground between the far better known Ypres and Arras battlefields, namely Neuve Chappelle, Aubers Ridge and Loos. Each had it’s own problems, in many cases the same ones, but did the British Army emerge from that bloody year as a more professional fighting force? Dan will address that major question and explore the experiences of many of the men who fought and fell across that ‘unfavourable ground’.

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1915: Unfavourable Ground’ with Dan Hill
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