Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe

Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe
Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe
Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe
Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe

This is a bespoke tour

Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe – This tour will be covering the Mohne and Eder Dams, Stalag Luft III and Colditz as well as the cities of Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden. We will be visiting the Flak towers, air raid shelters and the effects of this bombing campaign.

The cost – includes breakfast, hotel accommodation, coach, museums and guide, but not food and drinks – is £2,000 per person. Please note that this is the cost of a single occupancy in a single room as we wish to be open with the all-inclusive costs. A discount of 10% is available for bookings with two people sharing a room.

You are accompanied by a tour leader to ensure that your tour runs smoothly. This is a coach tour and your tour guide is Andrew White.


Day 1

Meet at Ashford International station. Catch the coach to Dortmund via the American Cemetery at Margraten

Day 2

Visit the Mohne Dam which was destroyed by the legendary ‘Dambusters’. Lunch on the pleasure boat which allows you to see the dam and towers from the reservoir.

Day 3

Visit Hamburg whose medieval centre was completely destroyed by the bombing. We also visit the Flak tower, air raid shelter museum, St Nikolai Memorial and the dock area to see the effects of the bombing on this city.

Day 4

Visit Berlin which was the heart of Nazi Germany. Guided Tour of Berlin: Including a visit to the Humboldthain Flak tower, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, and Berliner Unterwelten tour.

Day 5

Visit Stalag Luft III the scene of the Great Escape where 76 men escape from this POW camp. However, on Hitler’s orders 50 were shot by the Gestapo.

Day 6

Visit Oflag IV-C or better known as Colditz Castle. This was a prisoner-of-war camp for “incorrigible” Allied officers who had repeatedly escaped from other camps.

Day 7

Visit Dresden the site of one of the last major bombing raids of WW2 which caused controversy. Guided Tour of Dresden: Including a visit to the Panometer Dresden, the monument of the “Trümmerfrau” or ‘Rubble Women’ and refers to the role women played in the clearing up after the bombing, not only in Dresden but across Germany.

Day 8

Return home via the Eder (Edersee) Dam which was also destroyed by the legendary ‘Dambusters’.

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Allied Bombing Campaign of Europe
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