Crossing the Rhine

Crossing the Rhine
Crossing the Rhine
Crossing the Rhine
Crossing the Rhine
Crossing the Rhine

Operation Plunder was a military operation to cross the Rhine on the night of 23 March 1945, launched by the 21st Army Group under Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

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The First Allied Airborne Army conducted Operation Varsity on the east bank of the Rhine in support of Operation Plunder.

You are accompanied by a tour leader to ensure that your tour runs smoothly.
This is a coach tour and your tour guide is Brian Shaw.


Day 1

Meet at Ashford International station. Catch the coach to the North of West Holland via the Reichswald Forest Cemetery.

Day 2

Visit the Rhine crossing at Rees. Four thousand Allied guns fired for four hours during the opening bombardment. British bombers contributed with attacks on Wesel during the day and night of 23 March 1945. Visit the village of Hamminkeln where Varsity (Airborne engagement) was meant to help the surface river assault troops secure a foothold across the Rhine River in Western Germany by landing two airborne divisions on the eastern bank of the Rhine near the village of Hamminkeln.

Day 3

Guided tour of the German Tank Museum, with 40 German tanks and other Wehrmacht vehicles from the Second World War.

Day 4

Visit Bergen-Belsen concentration camp The camp was liberated on April 15, 1945, by the British 11th Armoured Division. The soldiers discovered approximately 60,000 prisoners inside, most of them half-starved and seriously ill, and another 13,000 corpses lying around the camp unburied. Visit: Luneburg Heath
On 4 May 1945 at 1830 Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery accepted the unconditional surrender of the German forces in the Netherlands, northwest Germany including all islands in Denmark and all naval ships in those areas.

Day 5

Visit the Ludendorff Bridge (Bridge at Remagen) and museum

Day 6

Return home

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Crossing the Rhine
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