Guided walks with Classic Battlefield Tours


Our guided walks are designed to introduce you to a diverse range of subjects on military history throughout the ages.

The walks are in the morning followed by lunch at a fine hostelry with the option to go to a museum or country house in the afternoon.

Do join us for an informative and interesting walk, followed by a delicious lunch. Obviously, these walks will be depended on the Covid restriction in place at the time.

The cost is £60 per person, which includes the guided walk and lunch. The meeting place and time will be sent to you on receipt of payment.

German naval Zeppelin 2

19th May

Zeppelin raid on Great Yarmouth

During WW1, Great Yarmouth was the first British town to experience the horror of civilian fatalities during an aerial bombardment.

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English Civil War with Classic Battlefield Tours

26th May

Battle of Cheriton

Walk in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and follows in the footsteps of the men who fought on both sides of this important battle.

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Lindisfarne raid

15th June

Lindisfarne and the Viking raid of 793

Walk on this beautiful and sacred Island and hear about the assault on Lindisfarne by the Vikings in 793

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Siege of Newark

16th June

Siege of Newark

Your guide Patrick Mercer, OBE will be explaining the events leading up to this siege and the sequence of events. He will be analysing the topography, the various plans and orders, how the commanders communicated, the decisions which won and lost the battle, the actions of those in command and individual acts of heroism.

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B17 Bomber Aircraft WW2

7th July


Walk around the disused airfield at Nuthampstead, home to the 8th Air Force 398th Bomb Group and 55th Fighter Group.

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