B17 Bomber Aircraft WW2


US8th AAF with Andrew White  – 7th July


Walk around the disused airfield at Nuthampstead, home to the 8th Air Force 398th Bomb Group and 55th Fighter Group.

Nuthampstead airfield and the US 8th Army Air Force 398th Bomb Group and 55th Fighter Group.

Nuthampstead was commissioned by the USAAF in 1942, to the standard bomber field specification, with a completion date of 1st April 1943. Although built to host Bomb Groups, the first inhabitants were members of the 55th Fighter Group, who arrived on 16th September 1943. The 55th were equipped with the P-38 Lightning fighter and have the distinction of being the first USAAF aircraft over Berlin on 3rd March 1944.

The 55th’s last operation from Nuthampstead was on 15th April 1944, and by mid-April had moved to their new base at Wormingford. On the 22nd of April the 398th Bomb Group arrived with their distinctive all-silver finished, B-17Gs.

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Your guide Andrew White will guide you around the airfield and museum to give you a glimpse of the aircraft and crews that served during WW2.

Lunch at the Woodman Inn

The Woodman Inn was built in the 17th century and, during WW2, was regularly frequented by American airmen who were stationed at Nuthampstead.

Option to visit IWM Duxford

Europe’s largest air museum